Artist’s Statement

“I found the word SYZYGY and it explained something I always tried to describe about my work. Syzygy has different meanings but will stick to the conjunction of opposites-as in the moon with the sun or animus and anima. The conjunction of a supreme pair of opposites. Action from instinct or stillness and analyzing .

I always thought my work dealt with the constant process of connecting a compartmentalized self as well as with others.

The sculptures being totems or an outward physical expression of the inner workings of mind, body and heart. My paintings even more action like and expressionistic.I am guessing it will be a lifelong practice. I see performers with the sculptures as well as music - different than in the film more a constant soundscape with energy floating between the work.

Functioning in such an intense world while staying true to my empathetic self has taken years to be comfortable with. It is found between the flow and crashing but keeping the extreme states. Not balance but combining the extremes simultaneously.“

Laura Kaplan